The Megafauna team is well known for its previous work producing multi-technology immersive entertainment. Most recently, the long-running NYC Midnight Madness events revolutionized urban puzzle hunts in collaboration with Goldman Sachs while the Endgame challenge (Google Niantic, HarperCollins Publishers, 21C Fox Studios) introduced a new form of reader engagement to the young adult market (giving away $500,000 in gold in the process).


Our sights are set on the virtual and augmented reality spaces.


Our current project is Thunderballs - a fast-paced multiplayer VR game blending siege warfare and tactical destruction. Currently in playable prototype with release expected in the fall of 2018 for Rift, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality devices.  Thunderballs captures our favorite activity in VR: destroying things with friends.


Past project partners include...

A completely new type of game, integrating the text and artwork from the novels with interactive virtual environment and machines

  • Endgame, the New York Times bestselling sci-fi trilogy
  • Released in over 33 languages
  • Players from more than 100 countries
  • Multimedia puzzle experience began in the pages of book...
  • ...leading players through one year of interactive challenges...
  • ultimately uncover $500,000 in gold

As seen in...

The now legendary series of all-night New York City puzzle hunts that has spawned a surge of similar events around the world.

  • 2015 edition converted a $500,000 budget in over $5,000,000 in proceeds
  • Weaves a narrative between the players, the game and the city
  • Integrates graphic design, live performance, large-scale interactive environments and mind-bending puzzles
  • Massive scale experiential components created in partnership with iconic locations such as: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Union Square, Bank of America Tower, Battery Park City, Manhattan Bridge and more

As seen in...


Mat Laibowitz | Co-founder

For over 15 years, Mat Laibowitz, PhD has been creating interactive experiences through an innovative combination of traditional media, storytelling, design, and engineering. He held the position of Principal Researcher at Nokia's prestigious Hollywood Research Center where he investigated new forms of entertainment using activated physical environments.

Upon leaving Nokia, Mat founded Futuruption, a creative company specializing in the design and deployment of technology-mediated interactive architecture and experiences.

Mat holds degrees from MIT, Columbia, and NYU including a PhD from the MIT Media Lab resulting in more than 20 publications, multiple issued patents, and award-winning contributions to the fields of media art, film, interactive design, sculpture, music and engineering.

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Adam Susman | Co-founder

Adam's 20-year entrepreneurial media career reaches from film to television to live performance to online syndication, with roles spanning from design to production to information architecture. 

Following his time creating internationally awarded productions at Stanford University, Adam served as a strategic adviser to a number of gaming and new media companies.

The through line connecting these dots: engaging consumer audiences through our shared love of play. A firm believer in the persuasive power of collaborative success, Adam designs challenges to be overcome with allies, new and old.



Daniel Yawitz | Co-founder

Dan recently spent 10 years in the financial services industry in various roles focused on client servicing, financial analysis, business development, technology, and strategic communications. He has also worked as a database application developer, 3D animator, and producer and editor of extremely low budget action films.

At Megafauna, Dan splits his time between hands-on development in Unity, game concepting, and business development.

Dan is an alum of Colorado College and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and is a CFA® Charterholder.


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